Saturday, 22 September 2018

Pentax MV | ROLL TWENTY-FOUR - Ferrania Solaris 100, expired 2011

Oh, London, where the clouds never go away
I keep my coat on from September till May
When the tulips will bloom in the most unusual way.
Oh, London, I love you where the clouds never go away.
Oh, London, where it’s gloomy in the fall
I can’t shake this sadness cause it’s never that small.
But we’re all sad together, so I’m not alone at all,
Oh, London, I’ll leave you, but the sky will always fall.
Oh, London, where the daffodils grow
Each one like a fireball at the end of the meadow
And I always forget there how I could have felt so low
Oh London, I’ll forget you so I’ll never have to go.

autumn days
Little Venice
Primrose Hill
Sister in London
Kew Gardens
floral dream
Syon House
The great Pagoda
Palm House

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Pentax MV | ROLL TWENTY-THREE - Fotosistema 100, expired 2007

I love each of the pictures from this roll because they bring me back so many good memories. There are lots of things that I seriously miss about living in Burela: my apartment, walks around the beach, the silence, cows, friends, cooking, Sundays with Clarissa, the colour of the sky... I think I'll never forget my time there!

Paseos de domingo
a leaf
Outono en Burela
Pancakes and raspberries
Sunday morning
O Cantiño
flowers by the sea

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Pentax MV | ROLL TWENTY-TWO - Kodak ColorPlus 200, expired 2014

Last roll of my first adventure with Lauren. We came back to Vigo, where I shot most of these pictures, but I also showed her some of my favourite places nearby. I had so much fun so I'm looking forward to many more travel adventures with this lovely girl.

the light in her hair
Santa Tecla
two of the most important women in my life
My everything
praia das catedrais
(Clarissa took this one of me)