Saturday, 26 October 2013

Diana Mini | ROLL TWO - QSS Chrome 100, cross processed

This roll was our first attempt to the cross process technique, which consists of developing a slide film using the C41 process, normally used for paper photographs (or vice versa). The roll, a QSS Chrome ISO100 expired, was a gift from our friends at Fotosistema Vigo, and was developed at the East London Lomography Lab.
This technique results in highly saturated, grainy photographs with punchy colours that can give them a fantastic, surreal and retro looking. Combining this with multiple exposures, coloured flashes and spontaneous shooting can lead to absolutely crazy beautiful results.
Here are the pictures, enjoy them!

Ella al atardecer
(double exposure)
Port of Vigo
Sea and feet
Happy Birthday to my love
(I love you forever and ever. RLStars)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Polaroid One Step 600 | ROLL ONE - Impossible PX680

Our friend Lauren, who lives in Texas, sent us a Polaroid One Step and we took the photos between Vigo and London, where Lore and her sister visited Rubo last summer. We didn't shield properly some of the photos from sunlight after taking them, because we didn't know Impossible film was so sensible to light, and that's why some of them are full of light leaks. Also, if you want to know why some of the photos got an undeveloped patch, you can check out the following link: Hope you'll find it useful!

Pola love
(Thanks Pablokdc for pressing the shutter button)
Pola love II
(Photo by Marta)
Brighton beach
Brighton Pier
Polaroid from Brighton
Tower Bridge

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Königer 9702 | ROLL FOUR - Werlisa 100

We decided to use again our Königer after posting our last photos with it on the blog, and we couldn't be happier with the results, the colours came out with wonderful and warm tones. We hope to use this camera again in the near future meanwhile you can have a look to this roll. Enjoy and feel free to tell us what you think!

Vigo in yellow
Light leak
sunsets in the city
Paper boat
(We found this paper boat on the water and we couldn't resist taking photos of it)
Sailing boat
Winter sunsets
On the roof I
On the roof II
On the roof III
Views from the roof
Edificio Mülder
Spring is here!
Unexpected diptych I
(The camera made some unexpected diptychs)
Unexpected diptych II
Accidental double exposure