Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ricoh 35FM | ROLL FOUR - Ilford HP5+

Second and last (for the moment) black and white roll we made with this camera. Bought in London and shot in Vigo in March - April 2011, the results of this roll were very different from the London one, as it was developed on a different lab, probably with different chemicals and times.
Pictures appear way less grainy than on the previous roll, but still quite grainy at all. Same film but two different results, we hope you like this roll!

Jardín bucólico
Vigo Bay
Me enamoré de un robot
En el Castro
Sunny day at the gardens
Playing in the forest
You <3 Me
(Double exposure)
Make a wish and blow...
La chica en el estanque II
El estanque
Closed carousel
Homenaxe a Martín Códax
It's all about cats
(Hidden double exposure - Search for the hidden (real) cats on the picture)
Cucaracha cae con el coche al mar pero escapa por la ventanilla

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Holga 120CFN | ROLL ONE - Fujicolor Pro 160S

Our awesome friend Lauren who lives in Texas sent us her lovely Holga for Lore's birthday in 2010. We are quite happy with the results, especially with double exposures, and at the moment we are taking another roll with this camera :)
Lauren's Holga (Digital)
Dreamy sundial
(Double exposure)
Torbellino de flores
(We know this is blurred and dark but it was taken with Lauren's Holga, so we love it anyway...)
@ the forest
Home is when I'm alone with you
Spring light
Abandoned country house
(Double exposure)
Los caballos
(Double exposure)
Sunday walks