Monday, 19 November 2012

Diana Mini | ROLL ONE - Novocolor 100

September 2011, and there we were, trying out a new camera. This time it was a brand new Diana Mini, a tiny beauty that we won in an online promotion by Inditex brand Pull & Bear, for the launch of their online shop.
So the day we received the camera, we got a 12-exposure film roll, cheap one, just with the purpose of use it as a test roll. We loaded the roll and we went to a park in the city center, El Castro.
We tried not to think so much about framing and composition, just take casual snapshots, swapping between the normal frame mode and the half-frame -which later revealed itself as a source of various problems such as overlapped pictures. 
The pictures were not too bad, though. Some dreamy, soft-focused landscapes and portraits, and some good dyptichs came out after our friends at the photolab tried to print the copies correctly according to the half frame and normal frame modes. 
After realizing that swapping between the two modes in the same roll can cause a big mess, we recommend you to do the same and stay using the same mode for the whole roll.
We hope you like the pictures!

She & her camera
My love
RLStars half frame
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