Sunday, 24 February 2013

Fisheye 2 | ROLL ONE - Fotosistema 100, expired 2007

We also won this camera in the online promotion by Inditex brand Pull & Bear, for the launch of their online shop! We were so lucky because as you may remember we also won our first Diana mini in that contest. This was the first roll that we took with the Fisheye 2, it's super simple to use and you can make a lot of self-portraits with it thanks to its wide angle lens!

Analog sunset
My dog Brandon
tea lovers
Happy faces
Happy faces II
Old times
Shooting with a diana mini

Monday, 18 February 2013

Ricoh 35FM | ROLL SEVEN - Lomography Redscale XR 50-200

This was our first experience using a redscale film, which is just normal film but loaded and exposed in an inverted way -the emulsion facing the back of the camera- so that the light has to go through the acetate sheet before reaching the emulsion coating. That gives the pictures a red tint, but is really interesting how you can play with it by changing the ISO setting, something that is usually restricted to digital cameras. This Lomography XR film can be used in a range of sensitivity from 50 to 200, and the higher the ISO, the stronger is the red tint that you get.
You can make your own redscale film at home, by pulling a whole roll of film out of its canister -in complete darkness of course-, cutting at the end and pasting it again but with the emulsion facing backwards. However, we didn't try it yet. If any of you already tried, tell us how were the results!

Summer  (+UFO)
Bob Esponja & Patricio
(double exposure)
Two sunsets
(double exposure)
Out of focus
(we set the wrong focusing distance when taking this picture, but we like it anyways!)
It's just who you are
That lovely afternoon