Saturday, 24 January 2015

Ricoh 500 ME | ROLL TWO - Fujicolor Press 800, expired who knows when

This was our second roll of film with our rangefinder, the Ricoh 500 ME.

It was shot somewhere in the beginning of 2012, part in Vigo, Spain and part in London, as it coincides with Rubo moving to the UK in early 2012. The roll itself is of not very clear source, and it was expired probably in the early 00's. It is a Fujicolor Press 800: as it name says it was a film mostly developed for press shots, the high ISO giving the photographer versatility in most situations.

The pictures we obtained from it were grainy as expected, with neutral but nice saturated colours. We took the opportunity to take some pictures in low light at a friend's house.

Evening in Southbank
South Ealing cementery
In Carville Hall
(Inspired by this picture from 1967)
Union Jack
(At Royal Academy of Arts)
D'you know what I mean?
(Double exposure / Can you find Rubo in the picture?)