Saturday, 26 October 2013

Diana Mini | ROLL TWO - QSS Chrome 100, cross processed

This roll was our first attempt to the cross process technique, which consists of developing a slide film using the C41 process, normally used for paper photographs (or vice versa). The roll, a QSS Chrome ISO100 expired, was a gift from our friends at Fotosistema Vigo, and was developed at the East London Lomography Lab.
This technique results in highly saturated, grainy photographs with punchy colours that can give them a fantastic, surreal and retro looking. Combining this with multiple exposures, coloured flashes and spontaneous shooting can lead to absolutely crazy beautiful results.
Here are the pictures, enjoy them!

Ella al atardecer
(double exposure)
Port of Vigo
Sea and feet
Happy Birthday to my love
(I love you forever and ever. RLStars)

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