Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Polaroid One Step 600 | ROLL ONE - Impossible PX680

Our friend Lauren, who lives in Texas, sent us a Polaroid One Step and we took the photos between Vigo and London, where Lore and her sister visited Rubo last summer. We didn't shield properly some of the photos from sunlight after taking them, because we didn't know Impossible film was so sensible to light, and that's why some of them are full of light leaks. Also, if you want to know why some of the photos got an undeveloped patch, you can check out the following link: http://blog.the-impossible-project.com/dr-love-s-film-tips-the-undeveloped-patch. Hope you'll find it useful!

Pola love
(Thanks Pablokdc for pressing the shutter button)
Pola love II
(Photo by Marta)
Brighton beach
Brighton Pier
Polaroid from Brighton
Tower Bridge

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