Thursday, 16 January 2014

Pentax MV | ROLL SIX - QSS 100, expired 2007

This roll is a film swap (double/triple exposures made by swapping film between two - better if distant people) with our friend Ale who was living in Barcelona in that moment. Some of the photos didn't came up as double exposures because Ale took hers at night, but we're still really happy with the results because most of them have that dreamy aspect that we really love. We're looking forward to do this again in the near future, so if you're interested in making a film swap with us just leave a comment! :) Meanwhile here you have the results of our first film swap, hope you like them!

Periquitos viajeros
Ao lonxe Portugal
Wild daisies
Arco de triunfo
Lavander Double Exposure I
Lavander Double Exposure II
Waiting for the train I
Waiting for the train II
Beach days
Flowers & Architecture I
Flowers and Architecture II
Morita viajera
Modern art I
Modern art II
Dessert heaven
Under the moon
Vintage camera
Time takes us away
Hipster macaroons
Photos and flowers
Asleep I
Asleep II
Not twins

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