Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Lubitel 166B | ROLL ONE - Lomography negative color 100 120

 The Lubitel 166B is a lovely medium format, twin-lens reflex camera from the 1980s. It finds its origins in various Voigtländer models from the 1930s, in which it was inspired. Manufactured by Russian well-known company, LOMO, often considered as a toy camera, the Lubitel 166B features some higher-end elements like all-glass lenses, a wide range of shutter speeds and apertures and Bulb mode, and is capable of producing great quality images. Special mention to its viewfinder, located on top of the camera, which makes you hold the camera at your waist and look from the top to take the pictures. It takes a while to get used to it but is actually great!
Our Lubitel is a present by one of our best friends, and we keep it as one of our most precious cameras.
This was the first roll we shot with it, around 2011-2012 in Vigo, Spain. As the camera doesn't have any exposure meter, we helped ourselves by using a light meter app for Android to make sure we were using the proper parameters until getting used to the camera.
As you will see, the lenses give great bokeh and also great sharpness and focus on the subject. Lovely.

Lorena and Pablo
Amor fati
Little purple flowers

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