Saturday, 3 September 2011

Königer 9702 | ROLL ONE - Kodak Gold 400

These photos were taken in the spring of 2010, it was the first roll that we took with Lore's mother old camera:

Königer 9702 (Digital)

The roll didn't turn out very well (it was Lore's first time using an analog camera) and we think they didn't develop it in a properly way at the shop... Anyway, here are the results, hope you enjoy them!

Vintage feeling
Pinos en el Castro
Castro sunset
Enchanted garden
Accidental double exposure


  1. I loooove all of them! :D
    What's the story behind the 'Accidental double exposure' photo? It's great!

    You'll update by weeks or how?

    1. Thank you, the accidental double exposure... was an accident (hahaha), they were suposed to be two different photos but something wrong happened and this was the result!
      We're going to upload all our film rolls but I don't know how often, thank you so much for asking!! :*