Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Pentax MV | ROLL ONE - Fujicolor Super G Plus 800, expired 1999

In 2010 we went to London, it's an awesome and inspiring city, we really have fun there! We took there our first roll with the Pentax MV and our lovely Auto Chinon 50mm f1.7 lens. Unfortunatelly we lost a whole roll while rewinding, so we can only show you this one. It was an expired roll (1999), some of the results are not great because of that...

In London streets
Squirrel in Hyde Park
Winter Wonderland wheel
(Sorry, the scan is horrible :S)
Noria & carrusel
Camden lights
(One of our favourites from this roll (:)
(One of our favourites from this roll!)
Big ben
(We know this is blurred but we quite like it...)
At the London eye
London eye bokeh
Bokeh tube
Kate Moss
Hat from London
Yellow daisies
(Maybe this is dark, but we love it...)
Autumn leaves
Time goes by so fast


  1. Son todas geniales, sobre todo las de Londres de noche :)
    (¡Una pena que las primeras salieran tan oscuras!)

    1. Muchas gracias, la verdad es que sí... muchas quedaron un tanto oscuras, creo que tendríamos que haber selecciona una ISO más baja a la que tenía el carrete para que salieran mejor :/