Saturday, 17 March 2012

Königer 9702 | ROLL THREE - Kodak Gold 400

We took most of these photos in or near Lore's grandmother house. Watching all these photos again, Lore thought it would be great to take another roll with this camera, you will see it soon! Meanwhile you can take a look to this one (:

I will always be the moon to you
(The moon was beautiful that day)
"I can't breathe"
There is nothing but blue sky
Lonely leaf
I can't find my way home
(Our favourite from this roll)
Why would he come back trough the park?
(The park was beautiful that day, the bench and the flowers were new! And Rubo was wearing the handmade scarf that Lore made for him in his birthday)
An accident
(Happy accidental double exposure :))

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