Monday, 18 June 2012

Ricoh 35FM | ROLL FIVE - Werlisa DX 100

We got this roll for free when we had another roll developed at the lab. It was the first time we tried that brand, that seemed to be a cheap or rebranded film. We took almost all pictures in a National Park consisting of three islands enclosing the entry of the Vigo Bay, the Cíes islands. The results came out way better than expected, showing soft and warm colours, slightly unsharp image quality with a definitely analog, lo-fi feeling.
We took some of the pictures holding an orange filter in front of the lens, can you recognize which ones they are?
We hope you like this roll!

On the boat
Playa de Rodas
Playa de Rodas
Playa de Nosa Señora
Lore and the strange rock
Walking into the fog
On the way to the lighthouse
Watching the cliffs
The Fog
(One of the photos with the orange filter)
Cruzando el dique
Entre las flores

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