Friday, 3 August 2012

Ricoh 35FM | ROLL SIX - Agfacolor 200, expired who knows when

This roll we shot with the lovely 35FM was from a film exchange with our friend Amanda. It was an expired Agfacolor 200, which pictures came out with soft pastel colours. Most of them were taken in the same Martin Creed exhibition as the previous roll, and some other in Valença, Portugal in a summer daytrip. We hope you like it!

(Our friend Ale took this one)
(Ale also took this one)
OMG so hipster!
Picture of a picture
Viendo el atardecer
Lore in Valença
Valença do Minho
Casas en Valença
Cosmos, blackberries and other issues from the multiple exposures


  1. me encantan los tonos de los carretes caducados. nunca sabes qué va a salir pero sabes que te gustará :)

    la quinta foto, la de rubo viendo el atardecer, la del puente de hierro son geniales y la última <3

    y qué paisajes tan preciosos, jo.

    1. gracias bonita, nos alegra que te gusten!! y tienes razón respecto a los carretes caducados, siempre salen con colores inesperados!! de hecho en el último que revelamos le salieron unos colores rosados muy bonitos :)

  2. those turned out really nice. expired film always provides with amazing results

    1. aw, thank you so much for your kind words! and you're right expired film is so cool :)